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Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to support an expectant parent. Many people get prenatal massage, either because they received a gift certificate or as part of their regular self care. Massage may improve circulation, decrease body aches, reduce stress and improve sleep. I can also show you how to get really comfortable to make the most of the sleep you get before you wake to roll over or go to the bathroom.

Most of us experience new bodily aches after giving birth, however few get postpartum massage because they are tired, busy and can’t imagine getting out of the house let alone leaving their baby for the length of the massage. A postpartum massage received within a few days after delivery, before endorphins wear off, can help mitigate a new parent’s discomfort.

in-home massage

In home massage:

  • I come to YOU, so you don’t need to go anywhere.

  • Leaking happens! Massage tables and supplies are all non-permeable and easily sanitized. You do NOT need to be done bleeding or leaking milk before you get a massage.

  • I may be able to wear your baby in a sling or wrap while you receive massage. You can also have your baby on the table with you if you prefer.

  • Your 60-minute massage may take longer than 60-minutes to complete. You may need a break to feed your baby, use the restroom, have some water, or whatever you need to be comfortable and relaxed. I plan extra time so that you get your full 60-minutes. You can feed your baby on the table while you are receiving massage too. The postpartum period runs on baby time!

  • Your treatment will be customized to address your needs including self-care techniques for pelvic floor recovery, cesarean recovery, hemorrhoid management, rectus diastasis and abdominal massage to encourage digestion and muscular recovery.


COVID-19 Policies

My family and I are fully vaccinated for COVID19, including boosters. I only work with clients who have done the same; everyone eligible in their home is vaccinated for COVID19. Per WA State Department of Health guidelines, I wear a mask when in-person with clients. Clients must also wear a mask at all times. If I have a known exposure, or become infected myself, I will notify you immediately. I ask that you do the same if you have an exposure or become infected. There is no charge for cancellations due to exposures or COVID19 infection.

Interested in scheduling a massage?

COVID-19 Policies
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