Below you'll find a mix of classes I will be offering for parents and professionals.

Coming in 2022, by client request, I'll be sharing self-guided video classes for parents.


I do believe live/in-person classes are almost always a better choice: You often learn as much from the questions of peers as you do from the instructor, and there’s the potential for a ready-made support system of other parents with babies of the same age. The coming workshops will be provided for parents & expecting parents who prefer online classes or cannot accommodate a normal class schedule for other reasons.

Birth Doula Skills Workshop
at Simkin Center, Bastyr University


Childbirth Education for Expecting Parents

This course includes all the things you would expect to cover in an in-person course, including:

  • Events of late pregnancy

  • Exercises for pregnancy

  • Pregnancy: Normal changes and warning signs

  • Signs of labor

  • Stages of labor

  • Getting to a healthy birth

  • Birthplace practices and decision points

  • Coping with labor – positions and comfort techniques

  • Role of partners

  • Labor variations and interventions, including induction and cesarean

  • Pain medication options

  • Your first hour with baby


Introduction to Breast/Chestfeeding

This course includes all the things you would expect to cover in an in-person course, including:

  • Benefits of feeding human milk

  • Preparation for breast/chestfeeding

  • Changes in mammary tissue during pregnancy

  • How humans make milk

  • Early feedings: positioning and latch

  • How to know if baby is getting enough

  • Hurdles

  • Pumping, storing, and bottle-feeding human milk

  • Feeding beyond the first six weeks


Newborn Care

This course includes all the things you would expect to cover in an in-person course, including:

  • Supplies

  • Comforting a newborn

  • What’s normal, what’s not

  • Sleep

  • Feeding

  • Diapering

  • Planning for postpartum



Perinatal Massage Therapy Certification with Laurie Levy

This 4-day, 32-hour course prepares licensed massage professionals to work with pregnant people through the childbearing year.

This course includes:

  • Physiology of pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Structural, hormonal, and social impact of pregnancy

  • Common discomfort pattern of pregnancy

  • Treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions in pregnancy

  • Special positioning for pregnancy and postpartum

  • Lymphatic facilitation and cesarean scar massage for postpartum

  • Introduction to baby wearing during massage

  • Record keeping and marketing for perinatal massage

  • Supervised practicum

Students must complete the full course, have a successful practicum review, and have a passing score on a final exam. 

A limited number of body cushions, wedges, and Moby wraps will be available for use during class. 

Recommended reading:
Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, Third Edition, Carole Osborne.
​Students will be able to pick up their books on the first day of class. 

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